A front end developer based in Goa, India
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I am a front end freelancer, having deep interest into web development and technology. I soon aim to transition into full stack development and learn more about it. I love working on web apps and developing solutions. Till date I have delivered sites made with React and Wordpress. Currently looking into backend and learning more about the ecosystem


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Collection of arts made by me in pure CSS

Img of House made in Pure CSS
Img of an old CRT monitor made in Pure CSS
Img of Stoa Logo made in Pure CSS
Img of Old Man Illustrations made in Pure CSS
Img of Git Logo made in Pure CSS
Img of Discord Logo made in Pure CSS
Img of Orbit made in Pure CSS
Img of Android made in Pure CSS
Img of Aarogya Setu Logo made in Pure CSS
Img of React Logo made in Pure CSS
Img of drop made in Pure CSS
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Google Code to Learn 2018 Finalist

Was Finalist in Google Code to Learn 2018 competition. Made a game in Scratch that revolved around a detective trying to solve a mystery

Hackathon Winner

Best Beginner Hack Winner at Hack At Home II Hackathon organized by MLH (Major League Hacking)

TOP 22 in Hackathon

The Project Promise NFT Marketplace was in the Top 22 at HackNitr Hackathon

Published my First NPM Package

react cursors intro gif



Img of Devraj Chatribin, Founder of Design and CodeDevraj Chatribin
" I have worked with Shridhar for a very long time. We have collaborated on various web development projects and I am quite impressed with his development skills, and I am sure that he will be of great value to any company that he is a part of. "Founder Design and Code
" A very talented, hardworking and most importantly punctual professional to work with. You will never get your job done beyond the timeline. Shridhar is Very responsive and innovative. "Founder Evolve Media
Img of Hrishikesh Pai, Founder of EvolveHrishikesh Pai
Img of Gajesh Naik, Founder of Gaj Finance and TakshGajesh Naik
" Super Fast Delivery "Founder Gaj Finance and Taksh
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